CBI Quick Savings Calculator

Quick Savings Calculator

Simply provide the requested information into our savings calculator and we can provide a quick analysis of your possible savings.

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CBI Testimonials


“CBI seemed to use the tenacity of a terrier, and comprehensive understanding of the mazes that are telephone charges, to achieve results that greatly exceeded our expectations…”

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CBI Telecommunication Consultants

Our telecom expense management team of professionals will increase your telecom and energy efficiencies while reducing costs and frustration.

We have been in business for over 20 years and for good reason. During this time we have refined our process, recruited the finest talent, and continued to use technology to enhance our services. Our goal with every project is to increase the value of services provided while reducing the total telecom spend. During the audit process, we focus our efforts on your bottom line. We also save our clients countless hours by implementing changes and dealing with the vendors on their behalf. We analyze industry trends and contracts to make sure our clients are receiving best in class service from their vendors, and we are not afraid to step in and escalate when it is necessary.