About Us

Mission Statement

CBI Telecommunications Consultants effectively assists our business clients in managing their technology services and associated expenses. CBI’s passion for success is measured by the value we bring to our clients through an optimized technology infrastructure and the resulting cost reductions.


CBI delivers excellence to our clients by understanding their technology and telecommunications needs and priorities.  We use our industry knowledge and experience collaborating to identify optimization opportunities and recommend innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs while minimizing their costs.  As we do not partner with or act as an agent for any vendor, CBI is uniquely positioned to provide unbiased recommendations that are in our clients’ best interest.


As a woman-owned business, established for over 25 years, CBI has been assisting clients by saving them millions of dollars! Before all the buzzwords, glamour and automation, CBI produced results second to none. CBI has been working on our client’s behalf offering technical expertise, bill payment and management, contract negotiation, network optimization and asset inventory. CBI provides services for wire line, wireless, utilities, transportation audit, carrier contract negotiation, along with software licensing negotiation and pricing optimization.

By partnering with our clients, we have developed long-term relationships based on trust. We go the extra mile in bringing back credits and refunds, and also provide them with our experience and expertise for negotiating contracts. We make certain that our clients are informed of ALL their telecommunications options. CBI is neither affiliated with, nor compensated by any of the vendors, consequently enabling us to offer the benefit of unbiased recommendations. Our clients’ best interest is first and foremost. Additionally, CBI offers manpower and expertise for any and all telecommunications projects. We provide 100% focus and 110% work ethic to our clients.