Utility Auditing

Energy Auditing

Interested in the cost savings and environmental benefits of energy efficiency? CBI performs energy audits to help our clients realize the full potential for energy savings in their facilities.

CBI offers a broad spectrum of energy studies ranging from a quick facility walk-though to a comprehensive analysis, which includes a detailed look at alternative energy efficiency measures. By evaluating the equipment and systems in your facility that impact energy consumption, we can identify and prioritize energy-saving steps that will save you money for years to come.

Facility audits include:

  • Building analysis
  • Collection of utility data, which includes installed equipment and analysis of energy bills
  • Survey of the operating conditions and the building as it relates to weather, occupancy, and operating schedules
  • An estimation of energy savings, featuring suggested adjustments and the savings potential

Business benefits of a utility audit

Creating an environmentally and energy efficient business can have a profound impact on our shared environment and for most business owners “greening” a business is a pragmatic decision that results in copious  benefits.

Cost Savings

The cost reductions associated with running a cleaner, more energy efficient business are the most obvious benefit.

Employee Motivation

Introducing a greener, more environmentally-focused business model shows you care about the impact your company has on your local community, which can have a direct effect on employees’ motivation and morale.

Customer Loyalty

A shift to a more energy efficient building generally fosters a sense of loyalty in a client base looking for long-lasting, environmentally savvy partners.

EPA Regulations

Climate change is poised to dramatically affect businesses globally. It influences the largest change in business practices in a century. New energy regulations are in development and current standards are being tightened. As confirmed by a recent U.S. Supreme Court case, carbon emissions emanating from businesses will soon begin to be inventoried and then regulated as a pollutant by the EPA.