Telecom Auditing

Imagine a 20%-30% cost reduction across all of your vendors.

With CBI’s Telecom Auditing service, these savings can be a reality. Telecom Auditing is a core part of our business. We have perfected our audit methodology to deliver consistent, sustainable, and optimized results.

CBI’s audit services follow a proven process. First we evaluate the current situation. Next, we request more details from each vendor about the charges on each invoice. This is just the beginning of our 25 point audit process.

Telecom audit
Our audit services follow a proven, audit process that ensures our clients are receiving the best services at the best prices:
  • Receiving the best possible rates for each service type.
  • Billed according to their contract (and if not, we seek credits for those services).
  • Fully utilizing the facilities they have in place at each location.
  • Taking advantage of the latest technologies.
  • Implement cost-saving solutions you decide are right for your organization