CBI Hires New VP of Sales & Marketing

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CBI is growing! We are very excited to announce one of our most recent hires, Casey McGuire. Casey was recently named the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CBI and he is excited to bring a lot of big and new things to the table. Casey has an extensive 20+ year track record providing solution expertise including Software as a Service, Business Process Outsourcing, Managed Services, e-Procurement and Business Intelligence Advisory. Casey is married and a father of three. He is a diehard Yankees fan and resides just outside of New York City. We sat down with Casey to ask him about this next venture he is taking with CBI.

Welcome to CBI! How has your transition into this position gone?

The transition has been smooth and a great learning experience.  During this time, I was given the opportunity to see everyone showcase their capabiltiies and strengths for each functional group throughout CBI.

What are your responsibilities?

I’ve taken on the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  I am responsible for managing the sales and marketing team, while tasked with exceeding all sales / revenue targets.

What aspect of your job excites you the most?

Winning a complex deal as a result of all the hard work and collaboration from the team.

With your vast experience in the industry why did you choose to work for CBI?

I chose CBI because of their year over year results as a top-notch player in the industry, along with their clear vision and roadmap of where they are now and where they want to be 1, 3, 5 years out.  I wanted to be part of this continued journey and help add to the success of this organization that’s been around since 1991.

What growth goals do you have for CBI?

My goals are to double the sales and revenue from the prior year in conjunction with creating a roadmap for the future growth of the company as the global leader in our space.

What challenges do you look forward to facing?

I enjoy the challenges of creating a new strategy and a plan that helps us secure a deal for each opportunity, but is a unique win/win proposition that sets us apart from our competition.

You can find Casey on his LinkedIn page by clicking here.

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