IT Specialist – posted February 1, 2019

IT Specialist Job Summary

CBI Telecommunications Consultants, Inc. is a fast-growing Telecommunications Company that is seeking a responsive, highly productive, and career-minded professional to serve as our in-house IT Specialist. The successful candidate will serve two functions within the company: 1) coordinate between the company and external vendors and contractors about IT-related infrastructure and development and 2) consult with other employees any IT issues that might come up and advise about potential fixes or efficiency controls.


IT Specialist responsibilities and duties

  •  Assess infrastructure on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet necessary demands
  • Oversee the daily operations of the IT department
  • Develop new strategies and IT procedures to increase efficiency, enhance workflow, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Protect customer data from outside infiltration through encryption, secure data storage, and other necessary means
  • Assist with the installation of new hardware and software and help train employees on its use
  • Manage and oversee departmental quotas
  • Offer suggestions for possible upgrades and changes within the IT department
  • Oversight of the organization’s computer system, including carrying out installation of necessary software, as well as, the safe protection of the IT base of the company by installing necessary protection tools, such as the Anti-virus software and other software needs.
  • The successful candidate will be part of the CBI Consulting team for high-profile clients and weighing in on IT data cost savings recommendations. AS VoIP Phone systems are a center piece in increasing efficiencies and reducing cost, this is an area of expertise needed


IT Specialist Qualifications and Skills

  • Degree in IT and System Technology field or its equivalent
  • Some experience in IT preferred
  • Ability to attend to detail and respond swiftly to work demand
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • Ability to identify and resolve issues regarding IT in a manner that is timely
  • Proficiency in Internet Languages, i.e., PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and others
  • Ability to stay connected with the reality and updates on IT
  • Proficiency in gathering and analyzing information


About CBI

CBI Telecommunications Consultants (CBI), an innovative and rapidly growing company.  Established for over 25 years, CBI saves clients millions of dollars auditing telephone and utility bills.  CBI works on the client’s behalf offering TEM, technical expertise, bill payment and management, contract negotiation, network optimization and asset inventory.  CBI’s passion for success is measured by the value we bring to our clients through an optimized technology infrastructure and the resulting cost reductions.


To apply for this position, please email Resume, Cover Letter, References and any supporting documentation to our Human Resources department by clicking below:

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