Global Telecom Expense Management

Including Mobile Device Management

Managing multiple tablets and smartphones is a big challenge for any large international company. Your organization no doubt owns mobile devices; however, the use of personal smartphones and tablets by employees is probably increasing.

The question before us is how to secure/control our company data. GTEM® Enterprise Mobility Management lowers your security risks to a minimum and guarantees reduced management costs, while ensuring your data is well-protected.


Suite 1 (Basic): Management of mobile devices

Suite 1 forms the basis for all MDM Solutions. Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management and Mobile Expense Management (MEM) provide full control over all smartphones, tablets and laptops being used within your organization. Control is handed to you with the aid of a dashboard that provides an overview of all applications in use, plus a warning when data usage limits are exceeded. It also enables you to remotely install applications on the mobile devices used by your employees, and the ability to remove those applications remotely to prevent company data from falling into the wrong hands. The other suites are optional, depending on the nature of your business operations.


Suite 2 (Optional): Security | Protection of business-sensitive information

Suite 2 secures e-mail and protects all browsers and applications used by your organization, thereby preventing leakage of data and other information. This option is also used to prevent e-mails from being copied, pasted and forwarded to third parties, in order to protect application data and to prevent access by external devices. The suite includes Secure Mail (SEM), Secure Browser URL Filtering (SEB), Mobile Application Security (APS), and Mobile Application Management (MAM).


Suite 3 (Optional): Protecting the gateway

Our MDM dashboard can be extended with a gateway protection function which secures your browser by blocking external access through intranet sites, applications and network sources. Access to external websites is secured without VPN sessions on your mobile devices. This guarantees protection of your company data, and ensures that no traces are left behind on third party websites. In addition, it gives you centralized control over the settings for blacklisted websites.


Suite 4 (Optional): Protection of content (documents, contracts, etc.)

Suite 4 protects content, such as internal data, contracts and other company-sensitive documents. It enables you to protect your files against copying and forwarding, thereby preventing leakage of data and other information. If you have employees using mobile devices at an external location, this option provides document synchronization within a secure environment.

Secure internal cooperation with different mobile devices and from different locations.

More about GTEM Mobile device Management

GTEM® Enterprise Mobility Management software is a reliable cloud platform that enables you to easily and accurately manage your mobile devices, applications, documents and company data, both in terms of security and mobile device control. Enterprise Mobility Management is a part of GTEM® Solutions. You only use the services you require. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us or apply for a FREE TRIAL WITHOUT OBLIGATIONS.

More about Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is about controlling and securing information on multiple mobile devices. An increasing number of companies have established a BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) policy as well as a CYOD (Choose Your Own Devices) policy. Enterprise Mobility Management enables all mobile devices in use by employees to be visible in the platform and controlled centrally. The system enables you to send or delete real-time information to and from devices, and personal devices (BYOD) can be added to the platform in addition to those that are used by the organization. All personal devices are therefore used within the secure GTEM® Solutions environment. Company-sensitive information is filed in a special container that can be immediately removed when an employment contract is terminated.

Our dashboard is easy to operate and allows you to conveniently manage all mobile devices. It can be extended with three additional Suites, i.e. for the protection of company-sensitive information, gateway protection and protecting company content. Also, you decide which websites or applications are blacklisted. Your employees can safely use their devices to retrieve e-mails (FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES-256 bit encryption for data at rest), and you can centrally install applications on all devices. In addition, you are alerted when data usage limits are exceeded, and you can send out alerts to employees traveling abroad.

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