Global Telecom Expense Management


You deserve control over your telecom and IT experience and expenses. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are exquisitely tailored to your business’s unique needs. Our GTEM® Solutions provides effortless management of your company’s inventory, invoices, and contracts. The automated invoice-to-contract reconciliation provides scrupulous insight into your business’s usage and costs. These services put you in charge and reveal precisely where your dollars are going.

All you need is a connection to the internet to enjoy the benefits of our GTEM® Solution; there are no hassles of software installation or hardware purchases, and absolutely no additional fees for standard version upgrades.

GTEM® Solution – Global Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Are GTEM® Solutions a good fit for your organization? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the specific products and services being charged on my organization’s telecom invoices?
  • Are there areas for telecom streamlining or optimization?
  • Are my telecom and IT costs being managed as effectively as possible?

GTEM® Solutions Overview

  • Auditing and sourcing
  • Short, mid, and long-term savings
  • Optimization
  • Software as a Service [SaaS] solution
  • Platform tailored to your specific business needs
  • Operational support

With GTEM® Solutions, CBI Offers Flexible Telecom Expense Management

Concrete Benefits for your Business

GTEM® Solutions helps mitigate and manage telecom challenges while saving your organization time and money!

Telecom Spend Analysis
  • Electronically processed telecom invoices
  • Instant access to your data at all times
  • Detailed reports tailored to your needs
  • A hub for all of your contracts
  • All contractual discounts are clarified
  • Contract end-dates are flagged for notification before expiration
Fraud Protection
  • Monitor unauthorized calls and charges
  • Automatically notify your company of inappropriate usage
  • Accurately handle and maintain large quantities of detailed invoice data
  • Erroneous charges are immediately identified and managed by CBI
  • Reduce the number of employees assigned to order management
  • Reduce the number of employees assigned to invoice verification
Inventory management
  • Generate inventory of your current telecommunications infrastructure
  • Document and set up everything for you

Auditing and Sourcing

  • Would you like to have all your telecom-related data conveniently available to you — at any time?
  • Is there room for improvement or optimization in your current telecom contracts?
  • Are the monthly invoices you receive from your telecom provider incorrect?
  • Are you missing out on significant savings?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to get in touch with CBI. Our consultants will work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. In the Auditing and Sourcing stage we will provide a comprehensive overview of your current telecommunications spend. Offering insight into key areas businesses need to address is one of our many areas of expertise. CBI provides unwavering support and expert recommendations when re-negotiating new and current telecommunication contracts. CBI will certify your business is treated fairly and utter transparency is achieved.


Short-Term Savings:

  • Historical audits of your invoice data
  • Savings that we will verify
  • Track all bill disputes
  • Eliminate zero usage lines and devices

Mid-Term Savings:

  • Provide you and your end-users monthly detailed usage reports
  • Foster end-user awareness, which leads to more effective communication and increased savings
  • Optimize your current contracts
  • Create inventory awareness

Long-Term Savings:

  • Negotiate contracts and identify new technology with vendors for optimal savings
  • Help with BPO and continuing education
  • Develop blueprint for locations

Benefits for your company:

  • Invoice loading and processing
  • Detailed trend reports and analysis
  • Cost allocation
  • User behavior dynamics/analysis

CBI analyzes your business based on the activity of your employees and users.  We educate you, your management team, and staff about the best industry practices. We implement behavior-based solutions that achieve optimal cost savings based on your business’s unique profile and needs.


A solution tailored to your business needs!

The Telecom Expense Management Software platform known as GTEM empowers you to meet your global business needs.

Communications life-cycle management remains a challenge for many companies. There are several moving parts — new orders, moves, changes, disconnects — and each of these individual components influences contracts, carriers, commitment levels, invoices, charge validation, and cost allocations. CBI’s GTEM® Solutions simplify the entire communications life-cycle management process, making it easy to understand and even easier to identify areas of cost savings.

Your company can leverage the GTEM® Solution to:

  • Optimize telecom spend
  • Gain visibility over Telecom Expense Management enterprise-wide
  • Manage vendors and disputes
  • Track service and orders
  • Reports on fixed and wireless services
  • Validate invoices
  • Cost allocation to your specifications
  • Maintain and update inventory

GTEM® Solutions provides you with the ability to:

  • Manage your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Analyze and secure your company’s data
  • Create custom catalog to choose your own device
  • Manage programs such as BYOD

Mobile Device Depot

CBI has now added Mobile Depot services to its portfolio! What do enterprises do with old cell phones? SEND them to CBI! This enables our clients to manage the end of life of their mobile devices, from deporting to destruction. Previously owned devices for emergency use, end of life cash recovery and certified destruction will all be managed by your trusted CBI Team.

CBI Telecommunications is reliable and professional. We are critical thinkers who value a transparent and honest relationship with our clients. Call 800-232-7289 for an appointment with one of our experts — we are genuinely interested in talking with you about your organization’s state of telecommunications!