Bill Review and Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Take the pressure off of your accounting department by assigning CBI to handle a monthly bill review. Our experts will not only verify that the charges are correct each month and report any variance, but we will also dispute invalid charges on your behalf and follow them to resolution with the vendor. In addition, our clients also receive quarterly reports, tricks and tips on bill consolidation, and one-on-one customer service from an assigned consultant.

We Take the Pain out of Order Placement and Management for our Clients

CBI’s in-house experts take the pain out of ordering, disconnecting, or moving your telecom services. We handle ordering and tracking through completion — verifying that everything is billed correctly along the way — and we monitor our clients’ monthly vendor invoices. If any errors are detected, CBI disputes them on your behalf, saving you valuable time and resources. These proactive measures save our clients an average of 25%.

From A-Z, CBI can manage all aspects of your telecom experience.