Request for Proposal (RFP) Services

Your company’s telecom needs are unique. As a CBI client, those needs, both at present and going forward, are of the utmost importance. Upon completion of your bill audit, we will compile an RFP (Request for Proposal). This process gives all applicable vendors the opportunity to bid for your business, putting you in the best possible position for cost-savings. Our RFP process guarantees that all vendors stick to a timeline and are rated fairly.


Our RFP services typically result in a 27%-31% savings for the client.
Our years of experience, as well as the vendor relationships we have developed, give us the maximum power to negotiate on your behalf.


  • Compile data for RFP documents
  • Cooperatively develop RFP requirements
  • Distribute RFP response documents to potential vendors
  • Utilize RFP response comparison tools
  • Finalize RFP results report along with CBI’s recommendations
  • Implement cost-saving solutions you decide are right for your organization


CBI was chosen to facilitate the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for a global manufacturing company. This RFP negotiated the client’s nationwide and international MPLS network, long distance, and internet services. CBI created a timeline, sent out the appropriate non-disclosure and RFP documents, narrowed down the vendors, and went through the selection process with the client. This arrangement allowed the client to maintain and finish other projects, while the critical negotiations were handled by CBI. The project resulted in savings of $660,000 annually, a 31% savings for this client.

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