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How We Help Your Enterprise


We customize clients’ needs within our capabilities using our full outsource model or special project-based services. Each client relies on us to maximize their current framework. Our innovative tactics easily integrate into their current system to save money, time and resources.

GTEM® Solutions Software

GTEM® Solutions software is a reliable cloud platform which provides security, mobile device control and enables the user to accurately and effortlessly manage their mobile devices, applications, documents and company data.

Industry Standard

CBI Telecommunications and our GTEM® Solutions software are the industry standard of telecom expense management. We’ve proven this through the work our experts have accomplished, what our clients say about us and the industry awards we’ve received.


CBI Services Catalog

From Audit & Optimization to Telecom Expense Management Software and everything in between, CBI has you covered. With the number of services, features and upgrade options available through CBI, you will find the ideal package that best fits your enterprise’s needs. Download the CBI Services Catalog today and in minutes you’ll be browsing through the best options the Telecom Expense Management industry has to offer.

Some of our Satisfied Clients

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CBI Savings Calculator

Calculating what Telecom Expense Management services and software’s can save your enterprise without spending hours on end searching through your inventory and invoices is one of the most challenging tasks to put on paper. CBI Telecommunications has developed an algorithm to do just that and more. Filling out our Savings Calculator form takes less than 60 seconds and our experts will provide you with a range of results specific to your telecom needs, location and annual spend by the end of the next business day.


2021 AOTMP Mobility Professional of the Year

CBI Telecommunications Sr. Mobility Consultant, Sissy Finch

2018 ETMA Best Practices Award

ETMA defines “best practice” as a technique or methodology, that through experience and research, has proven to reliably lead to a desired result.

2017 Great Lakes Women’s Business Council Distinguished Business Leader

CBI Telecommunications Consultants CEO, Denise Booms-Pepin

Upcoming Events

Upcoming CBI Events

CBI’s experts attend several business and diversity related conference/trade shows in the United States and throughout the globe.

CBI Hosted Events

CBI hosts a handful of charity, community and business related events throughout the year. Come join us!

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What our clients say

“Prior to CBI, we were really struggling with an accurate inventory, invoices being processed in a timely manner, an accurate accrual, and spending 80 percent of our time auditing our prior TEM. The tool was in two different platforms that didn’t communicate well with each other and struggled to provide the right amount of support for our Mobility Users. I have experienced being with 3 TEM’s and the experience moving to CBI was night and day. They listened to our needs, wants, and how we were growing as a company. The ability to have one tool that captures and stores all of our information was key and has been a great experience. I look forward to our partnership for years to come.”


“As a long-term client, we have developed a partnership with CBI. This has evolved and expanded in a variety of TEM operational and strategic areas. They have a very focused and skilled team of resources where expectations are met, and results are delivered.”

Anonymous (AOTMP Survey)

“We have worked with CBI for a couple of years on two separate engagements covering different sides of Telecom. Thus, we have had the pleasure of working with two different teams. Each effort reduced our expense practically immediately then followed by a period of monitoring for a new baseline to be established ensuring our satisfaction.”

Anonymous (AOTMP Survey)

“I am comparing against other suppliers we deal with. They are definitely ahead of them. Especially when it comes to meeting customer needs, flexibility, responsiveness and reliability.”

Anonymous (AOTMP Survey)

“Detroit engaged CBI for a telecommunications audit last year and they’ve really done a great job. Over the years I’ve worked with other companies that have done the same thing, but my recent dealing with CBI exceeded my expectations. I worked directly with the President, Denise Booms-Pepin and Larry Garver on our account and I can say they are knowledgeable, provide creative solutions and are tenacious in dealing with the telephone companies on our behalf.”

Detroit Newspapers

“CBI seemed to use the tenacity of a terrier, and comprehensive understanding of the mazes that are telephone charges, to achieve results that greatly exceeded our expectations. They saved us over $250,000 the first year.”

American Red Cross

“We have been utilizing the services of CBI Telecommunications for Mobility Procurement, support and bill optimization for 5 years. We have around 300 mobile phones using 4 different cellular providers, provided and supported by the company. While it is possible to do it yourself and try to keep track of it, it is almost impossible to do it accurately and efficiently without the telecom industry knowledge that CBI provide, Our internal IT technicians are able to focus on more urgent production issues with higher impact and not have to know everything about all the current mobile devices. I would recommend CBI for any of your Telecom needs, be it support, procurement or billing optimization.”

Jeff Pitts
Johnsonville Sausage

Our Core Values

The Formula:

e = pc4 (Excellence = People x Core Values4)

The 4 C’s:

1. Committed
... to excellence
2. Caring
... for our clients, coworkers and community.
3. Creative
... to deliver innovative solutions.
4. Collaborative
... to provide synergies with technology, people and processes.


We increase our clients’ efficiencies and improve their cashflow.


CBI Telecommunication Consultants

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