5 Telecom Expense Management New Year’s Resolutions for All

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Happy New Year and a new decade! With the new year comes new year’s resolutions we seek to accomplish. There are many resolutions the Telecom Expense Management industry offers that will help improve your business. We at CBI have proposed the following 2020 Telecom Expense Management (TEM) New Year’s Resolutions for all.



1. Achieve Long-Term Stress Relief

The amount of time and focus needed to successfully accomplish what a managed service can handle goes beyond entering it manually. Mix in the number of professionally trained experts needed to properly achieve what a Software as a Service can accomplish, and that can heighten your departments stress levels.

When an organization doesn’t have the staff available to fully manage its entire telecom environment, outsourcing to a Telecom Expense Management is a great idea.

  • They handle billing, and in many cases will also handle:
    • Billing Disputes
    • Billing Resolutions
    • Inventory
    • Much more!
  • TEM’s make sure you have clear requirements for your top priorities
    • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Contract as Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


2. Clear the Clutter & be more Organized

You may think you have an accurate inventory, but research data shows that you probably don’t. Adding in the fact that technology changes and advances often, how do you know if you’re paying for unused or unneeded services? Without building and organizing your inventory there’s no way of knowing, and even if you have, maintaining that inventory manually can become time consuming.

You need to assign the right minds to handle that project; Subject Matter Experts who have seen everything there is in the industry and understand that all vendors are different. Fixed and mobile inventory includes things like desk phones, mobile phones, phone lines, data lines, and the list goes on and on. Multiply that by your employee turnover rate and you have a recipe for inventory accuracy disaster.

Keep your information in a single pane of glass. A Telecom Expense Management tool can assist with:

  • Creating an accurate inventory
  • Keeping your inventory accurate
  • Organizing your inventory


3. Increase Time Spent on High Priorities

Many telecom expense management software tools promise to decrease cost savings for your business. While money saved is always a top priority, a successful telecom expense management tool goes beyond cost savings. By optimizing your telecom expenses through a managed service, your staff will:

  • Save time
  • Focus on higher priority tasks


4. Secure Company Data

Today, classified information is at the highest risk of falling into the wrong hands than ever before. Several security benefits of telecom expense management tools include the following:

  • Security of company data
  • Optimize contract negotiations
  • Gain visibility on mobile usage and spend
  • Minimize/eliminate global supplier waste
  • Much more!


5. Decrease your Telecom Spend

At the heart of every telecom expense management tool is the ability to find cost savings where an internal team may not. In most cases, a telecom expense management tool will save a company more in recouped overcharges and fees than they charge for their services.


Keeping & Achieving your Telecom Expense Management New Year’s Resolutions

Achieving these resolutions can only be made possible by keeping them. Many available Telecom Expense Management tools & platforms can help your business reach these goals; but keeping in mind that each business is different, and some Telecom Expense Management Platforms are better than others for your business. But how do you know your business is utilizing the best Telecom Expense Management platform?

CBI Telecommunications Consultants telecom expense management platform GTEM® Solutions, with its ability to be multi-platformed and offers leading industry software, provides visibility and control while reducing technology costs. GTEM® Solutions can decrease your Telecom and IT costs, optimize your contracts, and help you effectively manage your total telecom environment.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are exquisitely tailored to your unique needs. Our GTEM® Solutions provides effortless management of your inventory, invoices, and contracts. The automated invoice-to-contract reconciliation provides scrupulous insight into your business usage and costs. These services put you in charge and reveal precisely where your dollars are going.

When considering implementing a telecom expense management system into your business, there will be many questions you’ll have. Those most common questions are covered and answered in our blog Telecom Expense Management Frequently Asked Questions.



For more information on GTEM® Solutions please submit the below form and one of our CBI experts will be in contact.

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