Accurate Sustainable Telecom Inventory – Wireless

Defining Accurate Sustainable Telecom  Inventory

An accurate sustainable telecom inventory, or ASTI for short, boils down to a telecom expense management tool and experts managing your business’s telecom inventory.

Implementing ASTI – Benefits

Implementing an ASTI establishes supplier data feeds by a Client Service Manager (CSM) from day one, and then is overlaid with the client’s data to provide a single source. Because this is constantly updated, it provides real-time accuracy on changes and accurate, up-to-date and readily available information at the end users fingertips.

A good quality TEM platform that has advanced search functionality combined with a hands-on dashboard, allows for quick and easy visibility of the data while also producing an accurate budget and forecast for contractual data.

Risks of not Implementing ASTI – Key Challenges

Without an ASTI in place, there are a number of risks to your business. One of the key challenges being human error. Truthfully, human error exists in all areas of business but without having automation in place, which eliminates the manual process, the chances of human error increase. Managing sourcing, inventory, invoices and procurement are all manual processes prone to errors. Adding that sufficient software support decreases the chances of human error. In addition, any duplicated or multiple devices would go unnoticed.

Inaccurate decisions and unreliable sources are the next key challenges. How can decision makers know they are making sound recommendations for their business if there are inaccuracies in reporting? These can impact inventory records and ROI calculations, along with the high-risk of offline databases being out of date which typically result in financial reporting not conforming with the inventory data held.

With an increased number of security breaches, any unauthorized access of your company data remains a risk. Loading a MDM (Mobile Device Manager) onto your company devices could prevent this risk and having an ASTI would verify everything needed is in place from day one.

Determining the numerous factors necessary to validate becomes incredibly difficult without control and visibility of your inventory. This causes billing errors, capacity and any other telecom opportunities to be overlooked. This lack of accuracy can add up over time, eventually leading to many uncalculated costs.

ASTI Wireless – The Results

Amway is a company specializing in the use of multi-level marketing to sell health, beauty and home care products. CBI has been benchmarking wireless for Amway since January of 2012, for multiple wireless accounts. Combined cost savings by the month of July 2018 resulted in a 55.5% decrease overall between all telecom accounts.

ASTI Wireless – Cost Savings

Verizon Mobility





AT&T Mobility