Be Thankful & Live to Give!

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Thanksgiving is a the time of year where we recognize getting together with loved ones and giving back.
At CBI Telecommunication Consultants, one of our six core values is Philanthropy and take our charitable giving as one of the most important things in business. With that understanding in mind, we wanted to give everyone a chance to participate and show what charities, service and/or ways to give back that you and your organization are passionate about.

We are asking everyone & anyone to “toot their charity horn” this Thanksgiving. Make sure you include the following information about your charity, fundraiser or volunteer opportunity:
  • Name of charity/fundraiser/volunteer opportunity
  • What your charity/fundraiser/volunteer opportunity does & what their goals are
  • Why you’re passionate about this charity/fundraiser/volunteer opportunity
  • Link to where others can help or donate
  • Any additional information you’d like included
  1. Comment on our LinkedIn page here:
  2. Submit through the form below


  • Philanthropy Discussion Submission Form

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