BYOD in the Workplace

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace is growing in popularity. You might be wondering if your company should allow a BYOD work environment. Here is what our Director of Mobile Solutions Services, Sissy Finch had to say on this topic and to answer common questions related to BYOD in the workplace.

What are the security risks of BYOD?

This depends on if you have an MDM tool in place or a policy the company is willing to enforce. Not enforcing either of these options is a high security risk.

What MDM tool do you recommend to protect the data that’s on the devices?


What changes can be different with using BYOD?

Oh my! Many. Most often an increase in spend if your company is using a stipend. Once a device is no longer a corporate device, the IL (individual liable) device cannot take part of the contracted pricing of the corporation. What happens is users who travel internationally are not getting the benefit of negotiated pricing from the corporate contract and pay standard rates. Then once they get the invoice for the travel expenses, they bring it into their manager to expense it through.  Lack of visibility into use and spend is another big issue company’s face.

What permissions am I giving you when I use my device at work? Am I giving up my privacy?

To some extent yes. In order for a company to maintain security they must enforce policies that limit you from certain things/places. Conversely, there are limits to what companies can do with your device. MDM solutions can parse what is personal vs what is corporate to minimize both sides risks.

Can you access/see my personal data, apps and actions?


Will IT policies limit my productivity?

The overall goal is to increase productivity. Policies are written so that both sides are protected.

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