How can GTEM® Solutions help you?

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GTEM® Solutions provides effortless management of your company’s telecom and IT inventory, invoices and contracts. Here is what our GTEM® Solutions Program Manager Larry Garver had to say about the GTEM® Solutions service.

Explain what GTEM® Solutions is and what services it offers?

GTEM® Solutions is software as a service. At a high-level view, GTEM® it is a relationship data base where we tie together telecom expenses to specific inventory items, as well as relate that spend to cost centers and down to individual end users employee ID numbers as needed. GTEM® Solutions also has the power in being able to deliver reports for our enterprise clients based on the line of business and cost centers involved. Overall it gives our clients a better grasp of and visibility into their inventory and telecom expenses.

How much of a difference can GTEM® Solutions make within a company?

Many of our clients are excited and surprised about the visibility they receive from GTEM®. We put a lot of effort into inventory building, and matching the inventory to location lists, cost centers, employees, etc. For example, when an invoice comes in, the built-in references help us determine if a line may be billing at a location that’s been decommissioned; or if a device is assigned to someone that’s no longer an active employee.

I believe another major benefit for our GTEM® clients is our reporting capabilities. All the information in GTEM® can be reported upon, with many standard reports and ad-hoc “Dynamic” reports easily to create with point-&-click selection of the fields you want to see. GTEM® reporting allows clients to drill into the data inform better decisions on telecom infrastructure, help “right size” services to locations, assure mobility plans are in synch with usage patterns, etc. GTEM® clients can say “This is what we are spending each month, here is what we are spending it on, and why are we spending it on this.”

How has GTEM® Solutions advanced past the other Telecommunication Expense Management services offered by other companies?

The letters in “GTEM®” stands for Global Telecom Expense Management. Through GTEM® we have partners that help us with clients with a global footprint which sets us apart from some of the other TEMs. The key differentiator that I emphasize is our people, and our managed services piece. At CBI we have experienced telecom subject matter experts that look at things from a high level with the experience of knowing the telecom industry. We can interpret the inventory and expense data, which in turn helps us make informed optimization recommendations.

When it comes onboarding a new GTEM® client, we include the future Account Management team as part of the implementation team. Each GTEM® “instance” is a unique build based on the needs and requirements of our client. We have meetings with the client to understand how their business works.  These implementation sessions are very important and they help us start to understand how our client runs their business, the types of reports they need, basically what’s important to them. Having the Account Management personnel involved in these implementation sessions and building the unique GTEM® Solutions instance for our clients allows us to hit the ground running when we go into production mode.

Does any operational support come with GTEM® Solutions?

As a managed service yes. Even without our managed service offering, GTEM® Solutions would provide training to admin “power-users” at your organization. Also we offer support/help desk for the users going forward after the initial training. As a managed service we can do as little or as much as you need us to do.

What are the costs/rates associated with GTEM® Solutions?

We look at each GTEM® client on an individual basis and we get an idea for the volume of invoices we will be handling, whether we are providing managed service and if so—what level of managed services. Our fee is typically based on a percentage of the total current charges on the invoices processed by GTEM® each month.

Who should I contact if I want to learn more about GTEM® Solutions?

You can visit our website or you can give us a call at 1-800-232-7289.

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