CBI Awarded for Customer Experience at AOTMP Telecom Industry Management Awards

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At CBI we measure our success by our client’s satisfaction.

It is not accolades or glory that drives us. We are motivated by the proven success and goals achieved by our clients with our assistance. That being said, the awards are certainly appreciated.

On October 26, 2017 AOTMP held its annual Telecom, Mobility & IT Management Vendor Conference in Orlando. This event honored leaders in the telecom industry.

AOTMP is the distinguished leader for setting Telecom and IT industry standards. The company uses global data to hold telecom companies to a premier standard. To be recognized by this reputable company demonstrates we have excelled beyond standard success markers. It signifies that the work we are doing is innovative, prestigious and exemplary.

Our team at CBI took home the esteemed Customer Experience Award after showcasing the work we’ve done with Lear Corporation. Lear is a Fortune 500 company with over 240 locations in 36 countries and we’ve been lucky to have worked with them for over the past 5 years. We are humbled by this honor and incredibly touched since the voting and nomination processes were open to the public. It is our mission to provide stellar costumer service. We strive to empower our clients.

Telecom can be intimidating and we recognize there is a lot of learned helplessness associated with this sector of business. Many of our clients must contend with industry jargon, complex billing, and other telecom minutia just to get an idea of where their money is being spent. This forces businesses to their allocate labor for sorting invoices and price checking their telecom services instead of utilizing them for their immediate business needs.

We work hard to demystify telecom. We do this by giving our clients tools and knowledge to control their telecom needs. It is not about our profits, but rather how much we save our clients (hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in many cases!).

We are proud to receive this award under the expert guidance of our esteemed and awarding- winning (2017 Distinguished Business Leader Award from the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council) CEO, Denise Booms-Pepin. CBI is one of the few certified WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprises) in the IT and Telecom industry. She remains diligent in affirming our commitment to our clients by establishing lucrative and beneficiary relationships with a grand variety of businesses and clients across the globe. Under her leadership our team and clients thrive.

At CBI we go beyond satisfaction. Our clients’ trust is paramount. We aim to build a long-term relationship where we can both succeed. We use our expertise and knowledge to propel our clients’ businesses and optimize their telecommunication infrastructure. This commitment to our clients sets us apart.

This award highlights our hard work. It also affirms why our clients have confidently bestowed us with their trust and success for over twenty years. Here at CBI we will continue provide an award-winning experience for our customers and thank them for their support!

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