CBI Expands Presence to EMEA

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Europe is one of the Earth’s seven continents and home to over 700 million people. Recently, Europe also became the home to the newest CBI location. We are proud to announce that CBI Telecommunications Consultants primary European location opened in Brussels, Belgium and is fully operational.

Here at CBI Telecommunications we have always placed great importance on our global reach and the ability to provide our services anywhere on the globe. It even says it in our GTEM® Solutions, which GTEM® stands for “Global Telecom Expense Management“. Through this global effort, we’ve been able to help clients across every corner of the planet.

Heading up the new CBI European location is Jean-Christophe Van Simaeys, or JC for short. JC has nearly 20 years of proven experience in the telecom industry. He spent several years working for AT&T heading up the operations teams, as a Global Service Management lead for a global AT&T flagship client and led AT&T’s GMM (global mobile management) team for several years. JC has experience in managing cross-functional, diverse virtual teams and vendors. During his tenure at AT&T, JC earned a Quarterly Service Excellence Award and was on AT&T’s High Potentials program. JC is also ITIL V3 Foundations Certified, has a bachelor’s degree in translation and speaks fluent French, Dutch and English, with the ability to speak some Italian and Danish.

JC had this to say about working with CBI: “On top of their Telecom expertise, I love CBI’s agility and ability to adapt to changing client and market needs. We share the same passion for excellent customer service and are results driven. As a personal bonus, I also love the fact that CBI’s CEO and employees invest time in their communities by volunteering and fund raising”.

In his free time JC is volunteering in several areas: teaching children about environmental work, supporting sustainable farming NGOs and helping with construction and gardening for special housing projects for those less fortunate. He also turned an 18th century factory into a family bed and breakfast.

We are all very excited about this new endeavor CBI is setting out on. If you’d like to get to know JC more or connect with him on LinkedIn, you can so by clicking here.

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