CBI Telecommunications awarded for Top Value Proposition

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CBI Telecommunications was recently awarded the “Top Value Proposition” Award at the 2017 AOTMP Fixed and Mobile Telecom Management Conference in Orlando, Florida. This award is given to the vendor that delivered the most compelling customer use case in the Telecom Management Channel. Here is a firsthand account from CBI Telecommunications CEO Denise Booms-Pepin on this accomplishment and what it means for CBI moving forward.

First off, congratulations! How did you react when you found out you won the Top Proposition Award?

Very honored and excited for our entire CBI family.

Can you explain what went into preparing CBI’s Customer Use Case in the Telecom Management Channel?

One of the challenges was to decide on which customer use case we would use. We had several great use cases and value propositions that we’ve done in the past 12 months. Reaching out to the stakeholders within CBI, we looked at mobility, we looked at fixed and we looked at GTEM. In the end, we decided that the most compelling case to use was with a client that has utilized all our services. A case where the client’s end result was a combination of not just the money they had saved, but also the client satisfaction, the results the client had received and the internal process improvements they were able to make

What does “customer experience” mean to you and CBI?

For myself and all of us at CBI, it’s a cornerstone and one of the most important core values. That client experience is incredibly important to us to the point where we put additional account management people in place to make sure that the communication cadence is consistent. We want the experience that was promised at the start of the sales cycle to deliver all the way through, from implementation to continual monthly and quarterly meetings. Ultimately, we want the client satisfied with the services to the point where they can repeatedly say that we have exceeded expectations.

Can you explain what you believe were the contributing factors to winning this award?

I believe our humble beginnings as an auditing and optimization company was a major contributing factor. From utilizing Gainshare, we developed the philosophy of always bringing value to the customer. In other words, we wouldn’t get paid unless there was value and we didn’t get paid unless there were savings or credits. Even though today we have many different models that we are compensated for, we still need to implement that basic philosophy that we need to bring value in every engagement and ultimately must be bringing more value than we are charging the client. That may seem elementary, but not every company has that same philosophy. Another contributing factor is the fact that we are AOTMP Certified. What that allows us to do is follow a documented process and have very defined deliverables that gets us AOTMP Certified. We believe this has helped us in our overall client satisfaction.

Where do you see CBI Telecommunications Consultants 5 years from now?

In 5 years CBI will continue to be an industry leader. Not only will clients and industry leaders recognize us as one of the fastest growing Telecommunications Expense Management companies, they will also recognize our premier level of services and innovation.

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