CBI Telecommunications Consultants Re-Certifies with AOTMP

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For the past four years CBI Telecommunications Consultants has been an AOTMP Efficiency First Certified Solution. Earlier this Spring, CBI re-certified with AOTMP, and we are proud to announce that we scored 1,000 points on a 1,000 point scale! This qualifies our GTEM Solutions, Audit and Optimization Package, and Procurement and Help Desk offerings as Efficiency First Certified Solutions. We would like to thank everyone at CBI for all the dedication and hard work put in to get us this result.

CBI’s Founder and CEO, Denise Booms-Pepin had this to say about the importance of the AOTMP re-certification process. “We are very pleased to announce our re-certification with AOTMP Efficiency First Certification and with the hard work and effort everyone at CBI has put into achieving these results. I am so proud of our team at CBI for the incredible scores we have received from our client responses during the Efficiency First Re-Certification process, it proves once again the value and the commitment each team member at CBI has towards our clients. This re-certification is a key factor in CBI’s growth as a company and our growth globally.”

First, lets discuss the what goes behind the AOTMP Efficiency First Certification Program. There are three areas evaluated in the program, and they include Solution Capabilities, Solution Performance and Client Experience. Combined they provide scope of this certification program, which encompasses each solutions capabilities including:

  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Invoice Processing & Management
  • Bill Payment
  • Expense Auditing & Dispute Tracking
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Contract Management
  • Fixed Service Order Management
  • Managed Mobility Services
  • Device Service Order Management & Lifecycle Management
  • Help Desk Services
  • Mobile Optimizations
  • MDM Procurement & Administration

Solution Capabilities

Within the solution capabilities of the report, AOTMP noted, “CBI Telecommunications Consultants’ solution capabilities align with Efficiency First® Framework solution and vendor focus area principles for a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendor supporting an organization’s fixed and mobile telecom management practice. CBI’s Solution supports all Mobile Telecom services and all but three of the Fixed Telecom Services.

Solution Performance

AOTMP noted, “CBI Telecommunications Consultants’ clients identified financial and operational benefits gained by the business relationship. Clients specifically cited cost savings, cost avoidance and positive bottom line returns as financial benefits realized. Operational benefits cited include mobile support efficiencies, freeing up internal resources to
focus on other internal initiatives, and streamlined telecom management processes. Clients also cited CBI Telecommunications Consultants’ wireless technology knowledge and contract negotiations knowledge as specific factors that led to clear engagement value.

Client Experience

CBI Telecommunications Consultants’ clients participated in a client experience questionnaire to gauge satisfaction with the performance and quality of its solution capabilities. Six (6) business relationship and solution suite attributes were evaluated. Client experience questionnaire responses from ten (10) current client accounts were captured and evaluated.

CBI Telecommunications Consultants’ clients indicated use of twelve (12) out of fourteen (14) of the solution capabilities explored during the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Scoring process. Below are the results:

Through the re-certification process, AOTMP collected feedback from each of our clients. Below are the client comments included:

  • “Quality and timeliness of service is excellent.”
  • “They are proactive and responsive to our business requirements.”
  • “CBI saves us money on billing and procurement consistently. They are experts in their field and have solutions for anything I ask.”
  • “They are very willing to work with their clients and very flexible. They are very positive and work as a team.”
  • “I am comparing against other suppliers we deal with. They are definitely ahead of them. Especially when it comes to meeting customer needs, flexibility, responsiveness and reliability.”
  • “CBI provides an excellent return on investment. They are very knowledgeable and always looking for opportunities to save us money.”
  • “As a long-term client, we have developed a partnership with CBI. This has evolved and expanded in a variety of TEM operational and strategic areas. They have a very focused and skilled team of resources where expectations are met, and results are delivered.”
  • “We have worked with CBI for a couple of years on two separate engagements covering different sides of Telecom. Thus, we have had the pleasure of working with two different teams. Each effort reduced our expense practically immediately then followed by a period of monitoring for a new baseline to be established ensuring our satisfaction.”
  • “They are rated as Highly Satisfied due to the experience and knowledge they have as a team.”
  • “They have been a wonderful partner.”

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