Global Telecom Expense Management


Our proprietary GTEM® Solutions platform and process provides visibility into your technology invoices, contracts, assets, inventory and provides software for complete technology lifecyle management. GTEM® Solutions takes the pain & stress out of procurement, invoice processing, inventory tracking, cost allocation and invoice payment. Complete asset management for every step of the journey, including end of life /recycling.

GTEM® Solutions has the following capabilities:

  • Managed Mobility Services (MMS)
  • Wireline | Fixed Services
  • Cloud Asset Management Services

Communications expense management simplified. Decrease your Telecom and IT costs, optimize your contracts and help you effectively manage your total telecom disbursement.

Concrete Benefits for your Business



Platform Set-Up & Implementation
Recurring Invoice Processing
Smart Analytics
  • Accurately handle and maintain large quantities of detailed invoice data
  • Erroneous charges are immediately identified and managed by CBI
Administrative & End User Support
  • Reduce the number of employees assigned to order management
  • Reduce the number of employees assigned to invoice verification
White Glove Service
  • Generate inventory of your current telecommunications infrastructure
  • Document and set up everything for you

GTEM® Solution- Global Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Is GTEM® Solutions a good fit for your business? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the specific products and services being charged on my enterprise’s telecom invoices?
  • Are there areas for telecom streamlining or optimization?
  • Are my telecom and IT costs being managed as effectively as possible?


CBI analyzes your business based on the activity of your employees and users.  We educate you, your management team, and staff about the best industry practices while implementing behavior-based solutions that achieve optimal cost savings based on your business’s unique profile and needs.

Short-Term Savings:

  • Historical audits of your invoice data
  • Savings that we will verify
  • Track all bill disputes
  • Eliminate zero usage lines and devices




Mid-Term Savings:

  • Provide you and your end-users monthly detailed usage reports
  • Foster end-user awareness, which leads to more effective communication and increased savings
  • Optimize your current contracts
  • Create inventory awareness


Long-Term Savings:

  • Negotiate contracts & identify new technology with vendors for optimal savings
  • Help with BPO & continuing education
  • Develop blueprint for locations



Enterprise Benefits:

  • Invoice loading and processing
  • Detailed trend reports and analysis
  • Cost allocation
  • User behavior dynamics/analysis






Company Profile

Fortune 500 Company is among the largest global providers of insurance, annuities and employee benefits programs. Serving approximately 100 million customers, Fortune 500 Company has operations in over 60 countries and holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Business Situation – The Problem

The staff at Fortune 500 Company were dissatisfied with their current TEM Provider. The existing solution was falling short as they weren’t effectively managing spend and the platform wasn’t user friendly. Fortune 500 Company wanted increased cost savings, a more robust inventory, better record of invoice payments and deeper visibility to give their business managers the ability to self-service. Fortune 500 Company’s purchasing department developed a comprehensive RFP and sent it to the top four TEM providers. CBI Telecommunications Consultants with the GTEM® Solutions Platform was selected.

Technical Situation – The Solution

CBI conducted a wireless audit and optimization and began processing Fortune 500 Company invoices for review, approval and payment. As of Q1 2018, Fortune 500 Company has 58 vendors with 1,063 active wireline and wireless accounts. Fortune 500 Company implemented CBI’s TEM offering – GTEM® Solutions – as their TEM solution. The CBI managed service solution consolidates all reporting, support and transmission of telecom expenses into one system. GTEM® Solutions handles wireline/fixed and wireless monthly bill review, invoice approval, audit and cost allocation, inventory of telecom assets and line of business reporting. Mobility and fixed cost reduction were achieved through invoice audits, optimization recommendations and MAC-D orders and support.

Solution – The Results

CBI’s managed service solution, by our experienced consultants, became an extension of Fortune 500 Company’s staff, allowing them to effectively manage their telecom spend with a user friendly platform that provided a more hands on end-user portal. Wireless expenses saw a 33% cost reduction, while wireline expenses saw a 12.5% cost reduction. GTEM® Solutions verified a 1-time cost avoidance of more than $1 Million and combined with the annualized cost avoidance, resulted in a 25% cost reduction in the first year.

Fortune 500 Company reported improved overall reporting and support capabilities, enabling them to:

  • Save costs annually across our Global Technology Estate
  • Provide an enhanced user experience
  • Deliver higher quality information and more robust reporting
  • Leverage greater innovation in expense management and reporting