Energy/Utility Auditing Success Story

A Large financial services conglomerate in the U.S.  operating in Michigan and Ohio with offerings including banking, casualty insurance, financial planning, health benefit plans, retirement plans for companies, estate planning, and tax services. It is based in Southfield, Michigan.

Headquarters: Southfield, MI

Branch Offices:  24

Business situation – Poor Visibility into Utility Expenses
The facilities unit had gone through many changes within branch locations and had suspected they may have been paying incorrect charges on utility costs.  Furthermore, the company had recently acquired multiple properties and sold other previous locations.

Technical situation – CBI Utility Bill Audit
CBI conducted a full audit for all utility expenses (natural gas and electricity) for all the branches locations and headquarters.

Solution – The CBI Results

Billing errors identified on the Southfield, MI headquarters resulted in a one-time refund check of $21,999.38.

  • Additionally CBI recommended a change in electricity distribution codes that resulted in approximately $2,300/month in recurring cost reduction.
  • CBI detailed baseline energy charges for all locations and helped consolidate invoices.
  • CBI audit identified 3 accounts at branch locations that were billing incorrectly in natural gas rate classifications that resulted in an additional $2,000 a year reduction in recurring costs.
  • CBI also identified an opportunity to procure energy costs at a reduced rate and negotiated a 10% reduction in natural gas costs at all locations.

CBI has provided this client with a more accurate view of energy usage and costs.  Over the life of the contract CBI will have helped the facilities group implement over $65,000 in reduced energy costs with no capital investments and/or out-of-pocket expenses.