How to Build A Successful Partnership

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CBI Telecommunication Consultants relationship with Oakland County began with CBI winning the contract through an RFP for telecom audit services.  CBI was originally contracted to complete a comprehensive Audit and Optimization for Oakland County in 2015. In order to complete an audit in a timely and efficient manner, it requires some commitment from the client to gather documents and answer questions pertaining to infrastructure.  The Oakland County team was extremely efficient and responsive during this process to help CBI complete the Audit project within a timely manner.  Combined with CBI’s expertise, Oakland County was able to establish a more efficient process for approving invoices. In addition, during the first 12 months of the engagement, CBI’s partnership with Oakland County helped realize a 25% reduction in their telecom spend.

Due to the success of the Audit and Optimization, Oakland County chose to continue their partnership with CBI through their managed services GTEM Solutions. This enabled Oakland County to continuously maintain accurate inventory, better process flows, and deliver value to the taxpayers.

CBI continues the relationship and continues to provide Oakland County with world class white glove service. CBI’s Senior Director of Operations, Vince Cobb had this to say: “The CBI Team has developed a tremendous relationship with the Oakland County Team. It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Oakland County.”

The success of this engagement did not happen without some challenges along the way.  We believe that these core tenets helped CBI and Oakland County overcome these early obstacles and build to the successful partnership we have today!

    • Dedication to the success of your business partner and engaging in their company tasks.
    • Having a motivating vision for the partnership and clearly cascading that vision.
    • Making a decision and having confidence in that decision.
    • Developing new methods to find success and streamline processes.
    • Creating an environment for participation to achieve goals effortlessly.
    • Thought process of selecting a logical choice after weighing the positives and negatives of each option of each alternative option.

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