Energy Industry Challenges:

  • Executing Order Fulfillment Efficiently
    • Don't always have the manpower to accomplish this
    • Takes time away from high priority tasks
  • Lack of Visibility
    • Any shortage of experience from your department opens up room for error
  • Lines No Longer in Use
    • Energy companies often pay for lines that are no longer in use
    • Old equipment can make it difficult to realize this
  • Poor Cost Allocation
    • Lack of control
    • Meager maintaining of inventory and cost allocation

Marathon Petroleum Company LP

“A cross functional team at Marathon did an extensive evaluation of several providers to provide audit and telecom expense management services. CBI had the capabilities to provide both of the services and had extensive experience with both. Our experience with CBI conducting previous audit services gave us the confidence in CBI to expand the relationship and utilize their services across the entire organization.”

Bob George
Manager, Graphic and Office Services