Food-Service Industry Challenges

  • Order Handling
    • Time consuming
    • Lack of experience
  • Fixed Telecom Visibility
    • Lack of internal resources
  • Invoice Auditing
    • Missed charges lead to incorrect billing
    • Higher cost allocations
  • Low End User Satisfaction
    • Slow response time

Johnsonville Sausage

“We have been utilizing the services of CBI Telecommunications for Mobility Procurement, support and bill optimization for 5 years. We have around 300 mobile phones using 4 different cellular providers, provided and supported by the company. While it is possible to do it yourself and try to keep track of it, it is almost impossible to do it accurately and efficiently without the telecom industry knowledge that CBI provide, Our internal IT technicians are able to focus on more urgent production issues with higher impact and not have to know everything about all the current mobile devices. I would recommend CBI for any of your Telecom needs, be it support, procurement or billing optimization.”

Jeff Pitts
IT Service Manager