Retail Services Challenges

  • Fixed Telecom Visibility
    • Lack of Wide Area Network internal resources
    • Existing networks are outdated
  • Lack of Corporate Oversight
    • Limited governance over vendors
    • No strategic visibility
    • Expired Contracts & Decentralized Invoicing
  • Limited Redundancy
    • Frequent service outages
    • Poor support
    • Compliance issues and high risk for error

Family Christian Stores

“Family Christian Stores reaped many benefits, including consolidation of vendors, lowering over all costs and streamlining our bill payment process as a direct result of partnering with CBI Telecommunications Consultants.  CBI provided Audit and RFP services for over 300 retail stores throughout the continental USA.  Throughout the last three years we have utilized other CBI services such as having their consultants develop a line inventory database and utilizing CBI for moves, adds and changes for all telecom activities.  We have been extremely impressed with the level expertise and the integrity CBI’s has exhibited throughout the partnership and will continue to utilize them as outside consulting is needed.”

Don Schilstra
Director of IT Operation & Support