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Discover and learn how an optimized Telecom Expense Management (TEM) tool can provide your employees with more time to focus on priorities while reducing your telecommunications budget year after year. You’ll hear our experienced experts discuss:

  • Defining a Managed Service
    • Host and Load versus a Managed Service
    • Are managed services the same across the inventory?
    • Integrations Offered
    • Traditional TEM versus Mobility Managed Service
    • Typical day of a Customer Service Manager
  • Is there more to invoice processing?
    • Invoice Processing in TEM
    • Validating the Invoice
    • What does the Dispute Process look like?
  • Ongoing Inventory Management
    • Maintaining Inventory within a TEM Solution
    • TEM acting as a fail safe
  • Defining success in TEM
    • Number one goal of TEM
    • Vendor priorities
  • What will TEM look like in 2022?
    • What our experts have to say



Larry Garver

Larry Garver

Larry is the GTEM Program Manager at CBI and has over 20 years of telecom industry experience. He is an extremely dedicated team member who is always innovating new ways for his clients to utilize the TEM tool or reporting in a more resourceful way. Some of Larry’s accomplishments at CBI include saving a Fortune 500 Automotive Company $1.3 million in their first year, while also reducing wireless expenses by 27.5% for a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company.

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Amanda Doner

Amanda is CBI’s GTEM Customer Service Manager and holds a bachelor’s degree in business information systems with a concentration in SAP/ERP systems. Prior to working at CBI, Amanda worked in the banking industry learning how companies’ financial systems integrated within the corporate enterprise. Amanda is an integral part of our team that supports our vertical in the financial industry assisting two of our Fortune 100 financial clients.

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If you’d like a copy of the recording, you can visit our website by clicking the link here.

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