Speed + Clarity = Cost Savings

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Imagine a fighter jet. One of the fastest and most effective pieces of machinery on earth! In order for it to do its job, the pilot needs to provide fast and clear instructions. Without speed, clarity, or enough of either, the aircraft’s task would never get completed as directed. In the worst-case scenario, it’d crash and burn. Just as the pilot of a fighter jet treats his aircraft, CBI’s experts treat our client’s results.

One of the most discussed topics within the TEM (Telecommunication Expense Management) industry is Cost Savings. Yes, cost savings, everything eventually boils down to cost savings. This is not just savings on your bills, but also savings from the price for TEM managed service / SaaS solutions, agreed upon fees collected from overall savings and more.

Now, we recognize that each business whether large or small have different needs. Here at CBI we value each of our clients and make sure to meet each of their needs. Of course, cost savings is an aspect of our services that we consider one of the most important. But what goes into finding these savings? We stick to speed and clarity. Now there are numerous different factors that go into the hard work that we perform. But ultimately, speed and clarity are two primary “rules” to live by. You may have heard about the phrase “speed to clarity”, and this follows similarly to our process. Speed to clarity is the lapsed controllable time between the emergence of an issue and its resolution. As the saying goes, the faster your speed to clarity, the more likely you’ll hit the mark. Let’s dive in a little deeper.


In the TEM industry, one of the key factors regarding speed boils down to implementation time. The longer the amount of time it takes to implement, the longer our clients are waiting for their results. At CBI, we pride ourselves on our guaranteed implementation time of 90-120 days. We then follow up our guaranteed implementation time with visibility and control. Through this, we culminate our proven results and assure you that our solution pays for itself. Look at what our clients said about us in our recent AOTMP Recertification Report:

“Quality and timeliness of service is excellent.”

“They (CBI) are proactive and responsive to our business requirements.”

“They (CBI) are willing to work with their clients and are very flexible. They are positive and work as a team.”


Let’s be honest, clarity is a must have in any industry. Have you ever heard someone say, “I loved their service, it didn’t clarify a thing for me”? I sure hope not! Lack of clarity can result in mistakes that could’ve been avoided, frustrated customers and bring down the company vibe. At CBI, we ensure everything is communicated clearly between clients and our team members.  Our QC quality control processes guarantee the work completed is accurate! As an added bonus, we throw in white glove treatment for everyone, free of charge!

CBI conducted a wireless audit and optimization and began processing invoices for review, approval and payment for a Fortune 500 Global Professional Services client. After implementing our solution within 90 days, CBI’s managed service solution became an extension of our client’s technology team. Overall, wireless expenses saw a 33% cost reduction, while wireline expenses saw a 12.5% cost reduction. CBI’s managed service solution also verified a 1-time cost avoidance of more than $1 Million in the first 6 months!

*Results based on Fortune 500 Global Insurance Provider

If you’d like CBI to meet your companies’ specific needs in telecom, you can reach out to us through one of the following ways:

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