5 Telecom Expense Management New Year’s Resolutions for All

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Happy New Year and a new decade! With the new year comes new year’s resolutions we seek to accomplish. There are many resolutions the Telecom Expense Management industry offers that will help improve your business. We at CBI have proposed the following 2020 Telecom Expense Management (TEM) New Year’s Resolutions for all.     1. Achieve […]

Building a Fixed Inventory – Webinar

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Nowadays, technology changes and advances often. How do you know if you’re paying for unused or unneeded services? Without building your fixed inventory there’s no way of knowing, and even if you have, maintaining that inventory manually can become time consuming. You need to assign the right minds to handle that project; Subject Matter Experts […]

CBI Wins ETMA Best Practices Award

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On the third and final day of the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) Member Conference in Philadelphia on Wednesday, September 26th, CBI was awarded the Technology Expense Management Best Practices Award. ETMA defines “best practice” as a technique or methodology, that through experience and research, has proven to reliably lead to a desired result. Each […]

The Magic Unicorn: The Ideal TEM that Avoids Migration Pitfalls

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Measuring TEM According to AOTMP data, they have narrowed down what the four primary TEM satisfaction requirements are. Responsiveness: Responds to questions and issues in a timely manner. Dependability: Performs as expected, and in the stated time frames. Customer-Focused: Always having the customer’s best interests in mind. Flexibility: Conforms to the unique needs of each […]

Aligning Team Goals

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What are the key ingredients to having success at your company? Some would say passion, integrity and creativity. Others would say productivity, hours worked and delivering of excellence. While each of these are all important in business, there is an ingredient that we at CBI believe is integral to success, so much that it is […]