Top 5 Reasons to use TEM Services

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As a company that specializes in telecommunication, we want to make sure everyone knows why having a telecommunication expense management service in place is important. Below we put together a list of the Top 5 reasons to use TEM services and spoke with Lori Wildman, who is the Director of Marketing from AOTMP.

1. They Alleviate the Day to Day Stress – When an organization doesn’t have the staff available to fully manage its entire telecom environment, outsourcing to a TEM is a great idea. They can handle billing, but many will also handle billing disputes and resolutions, inventory and more. TEMs vary greatly in what they do and don’t provide, so make sure you have very clear requirements in your Request For Proposal (RFP) and ultimately in your contract as Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

2. You Get to Keep Track of Everything – You may think you have an accurate inventory, but research data shows that you probably don’t. Consider fixed and mobile inventory includes things like desk phones, mobile phones, phone lines, data lines, the list goes on and on. Multiply that by your employee turnover rate and you have a recipe for inventory accuracy disaster. A TEM can assist with creating an accurate inventory – and keeping it accurate – so that you know what you have, where it’s at and what you paid for it.

3. Accelerate Invoice Processing – How are you currently processing invoices? Chances are good that a TEM can do it better, faster and cheaper. They’re also experts at catching billing discrepancies that employees in a hurry can miss. Think about it. If department heads are responsible for checking the carrier billing for their department, they don’t understand all the fees and surcharges and are most likely approving the bill without truly understanding it and reconciling it against the contract.

4. Global Potential – Does your telecom team have a clear understanding of the differences in rules and regulations between the U.S., EMEA and Asia-Pac? A global TEM can help you expand while keeping your policies and procedures aligned with the markedly different requirements in countries around the globe.

5. Serious Cost Savings – At the heart of every TEM is the ability to find cost savings where an internal team may not. In many cases, a TEM will save a company more in recouped overcharges and fees than they charge for their services. In that case, it’s a no-brainer!

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