Unlocking the Potential of Technology for a Low-Carbon Future : A Lunch & Learn Session for Tech Leaders

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Please join us for an intimate and exclusive conversation led by our European business partner, Christian Cor.

You will learn:

  • What are the stakes of ESG engagement applied to Digital?
  • What are the existing regulations that obliges a European organization to reduce carbon footprint and why it will impact US businesses?
  • What are the ingredients to calculate Digital Workplace Carbon Footprint in your organization?
  • How to take the first steps to reduce Digital Workplace CO2 emissions?
  • What sort of financial impact a Digital Workplace ESG policy has on an organization.

October 18, 11:30 – 1:30, EST

JW Marriott’s New French Dining Experience

Limited to 15 in person guests, Private Dining Menu with French cuisine.

Sponsored by CBI Telecommunications so it is free for you to attend.

About the speaker:

Christian, CEO of Saaswedo, is a French entrepreneur in the Technology Expense Management business for 30 years.

Christian setup his first business in telecommunication in 1994 (US RAPPEL) and sold his company to an American firm (LDI Telecom) in 2000. The main business of Saaswedo is to work on the Digital Workplace performance for large organizations.

Saaswedo has a minority interest in CBI Telecommunication Consultants, both organizations belong to the EPSA Group. EPSA has 3000 employees worldwide and is a leader in large ESG engagements. (https://www.epsa.com/en/epsa-foundation/). EPSA is dedicated to global performance for organization across the world.

Christian is a board member of the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA https://etma.org/), USA for the last 5 years, Chairman of the ETMA ESG Committee and part of Planet Tech’Care organization (https://planet-techcare.green/en/).

Saaswedo is the main sponsor of the Greentech https://www.greentech-forum.com/Forum (Paris) and is ISO 2600 (Lucie) certified.

RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unlocking-the-potential-of-technology-for-a-low-carbon-future-tickets-721537747827?aff=oddtdtcreator


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